NKVD USSR sertificate before 1941 green

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Copy of the NKVD certificate. The People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR (NKVD of the USSR) was a body for combating crime and maintaining public order, and in 1934-1943 also ensuring state security. Source: ru.wikipedia.org.

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Below is an essay by Y. Veremeyev from the book “Anatomy of the Army”.

When you read numerous feature books about the war, you are amazed at the ease with which various guerrillas, clandestine fighters, spies, intelligence agents forge documents and penetrate with them to secret objects and high headquarters.

Having quite a lot of headquarters work experience as an assistant chief of staff of a battalion, I can confidently say that after 3-4 months of work in the headquarters, an ordinary staff soldier-clerk (an officer even more) with ease and absolutely accurately, looking over the soldier’s military ID, can say — this is a fake document or an original and which records are fake. He will say right away, for example: "Did you awarded yourself with the badge "Excellent soldier of the Soviet Army" or did a company clerk helped you?

And the point here is not at all the watermarks of the paper, traces of erasures, ink color, seals, paper clips, correspondence of notes and seals that SMERSh (СМЕРШ) captain Alekhin has been studying for so long and carefully in Bogomolov’s book “In August 44”, but in elementary details that, even knowing, it is impossible to write correctly, being in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Well, for example, every clerk knows that in this area this year all newly issued military books could have a series and number from .... to .... And nobody even know what numbers will be next year because numbering and series depend simply on the printing house. So, just one look at the military ID is enough to say that it could not be issued there or then, as it is written in it. And, for example, the number of the order and the date of assignment of the rank of "private" are clearly dependent on each other. And the knowledge of who, by whom, how and when the first weapon and gas mask was issued, will immediately allow you to say: "My dear, when it is written on your military ID, they could not be given to you in any way." And there are dozens of such details.