V-day uniform 1943-45

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This suit was specially designed for Victory day. It is nice for holiday demonstrations or photosets but may be used also in reenactment as a cheaper possibility. We have been producing and selling uniform of the 2nd World War for more than 10 years. We collected a great experience and supposed to create the most good and authentic V-day uniform on the market. The suit resembles 1943 Red Army uniform and have minor simplifications. We used cotton "diagonal" (slash interlock) fabric of khaki (pale brown-green or yellow-green) colour, like that original uniform fabric.

You buy 4 pieces in one lot: shirt (gymnastiorka), pants (breeches galife), side-cap with the star (pilotka), army belt with steel buckle (golden painted). There's no high-boots in the set.

You can also buy a medical bag for teens, look for it in related products below.

Size is ½ of chest around (underarm) in centimeters. Divide cm to 2.54 to get inches. If you have 100 cm around your chest that means size 50. If 110 cm then size 54 or 56. You can take a shirt that fits you well and compare to table below:

Measurements (in centimeters)

Historical reference.

"Gymnastiorka" model 1943 is the uniform of Victory. Battle of Kursk was won, the enemy was ousted from the USSR territory and Berlin was taken in this uniform. The main disctintion is the stand-up collar. It's not very comfortable, but it was made in order to protect body from soil that falls down during artillery attacs. Turn-down collar on previous model had been worn through because of it; fabric was poor quality cotton.