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Winter pants Dot/Erbsentarn 1944-45

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Winter trousers "Pea" or "Dot", "Erbsentarn". Good camouflage pattern, heavy dense insulation, as it was in the original (not a synthetic winterizer). The size is about 48 or S, and you can wear it like 50 or M, but then you need to wear a field jacket over your pants (and not usually fill them with a winter uniform).

The size

We have only one such pants. You can estimate the size if there are similar pants at hand or even some pants that suit you. You will need a flexible rope meter.
Pants length along the side seam — 105 cm;
the length along the inner side seam (that is, from the fork to the bottom) is 72 cm;
waist width is 51 cm (that is, pants fit on the waist 100 cm, including all the clothes that are worn on this waist).